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Did everyone find the answer to last weeks question? I hope so. The answer is Chapter 7.

Spending time finding wood and helping Gramma build the bonfire is enjoyed by all of the 4 main characters. They search in the long grass and woods nearby for twigs that Gramma can use. Starter wood is the small pieces of wood that are placed in a tent pattern when you start a fire. 

Leaving air spaces allows the fire to get oxygen and burn. 

How many of you have sat in-front of a wood burning fire. Think about how it feels:

  • do you feel warm or cold?
  • how does it smell?
  • what does smoke from the fire look like?
  • what colour is the flame?
Send me the answer to all of these questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

Last weeks question was what did they see from the firepit but I am giving you another week to find that answer because I want to hear what you experience when you're by a wood burning fire. If you have never been by one, then think about these questions in relation to a gas or electric fire.

Excited to hear from you.
Keep Reading and we'll catch up next week.

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Thursday, June 6, 2024

                                                                   S'MORES Time

I pack marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate.

These three ingredients make s'mores. Marshmallows are roasted over an open campfire until they turn golden brown. Then the cooked marshmallows are squished onto a graham cracker, a piece of chocolate is added and then the top cracker. The deliciousness is squished together to create a S'more. 

S'mores have been a campfire treat for over 100 years. The recipe first appeared in cookbooks and the Brownie handbook in the mid 1920's. Wow thats a lot of generations that have known how to make s'mores.

Brownie's you may ask. Yes, Brownies, first known as Rosebuds until Lady Baden-Powell renamed them in 1914. (summarized from Wikepedia). The Brownie group was made up of girls between the ages 7-10. In the group the girls learned many skills like camping, cooking and sewing to name a few. Often their accomplishments were awarded by badges to wear on their uniforms. Today the group still exists under the new name Embers. 

Making s'mores and sitting by the campfire is a treat for us at the cottage. 

In The Case at High Lake, what chapter do the detectives make s'mores in?

Send your answer to this blog or my email at

Happy Reading;

Heather Hill Burford - Author

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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Packing the Car for a trip



Good Morning everyone. Wow, what a chore it is to pack the car for a trip! There are so many things to remember. Everyone has a list of what they need and whats important to them. 

In The Case at High Lake, his fishing rod is important to Miles. He knows he will need it to fish off of Grammas dock. He loves fishing with his cousins. 

For his mom, she is probably making sure all the clothes and food are packed. 

What a job getting everything to the car and stuffed inside. Miles drags some down the driveway but does he actually put them in the car? Find the answer in chapter 1. 

What is important for you to pack when you go on a road trip? Make a list. I would enjoy seeing a completed list. Maybe some of your ideas will make their way into the next book!

Answer for the last post: a loud croaking.

This weeks challenge is to complete your list of important items to pack. I'll add some of mine next week.

Next week we will talk about some foods that are important to have at the cottage. 

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Wednesday, May 1, 2024

The mucky side of the dock


Last week we talked about how often the dock is found in The Case at High Lake. Reminder: it is found in most of the chapters. Did you find all the dock links in the book? 

One answer is: in chapter 2 the detectives had to walk around the dock to the mucky side. 

I've included a picture of the 'muddy' side of the dock. When you stand in it you can sink up to your ankles is slick, sticky leaves and muck. What is muck you ask? The dictionary says its decaying vegetable matter, slime, dirt. In our lake it is all of those things. My grandchildren love to stand in it and catch frogs. Theres so much wildlife in it. Snapping turtles can dig themselves into it and virtually disappear below the muck's surface. Frogs hop along the lily pads that grow in it. What an important part of a healthy lake. 

In chapter 2 Miles hears something. Can you tell me what it is?

Answer to follow in next weeks blog. Don't miss it!

The topic for next week is the chore of packing for a trip. Make sure to join in.

Heather Hill Burford


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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

The Cottage Dock


Fun on the Dock

Last Weeks blog discussed the wonderful influence that my grandchildren have on my writing. I also mentioned what a great time we have when they visit the cottage, a special meeting place that allows my grandchildren to play outdoors, fish, swim and explore outdoors. The dock is a wonderful meeting place for morning coffee, fishing challenges and a diving board for jumping in the lake. 

My dock is a floating dock, which means that it freely floats in the water and is anchored in place by large chains attached to cement blocks. These blocks are manufactured to hold floating docks in place and safe to be in the water. There is a block located deep in the water beneath each corner to keep it in place. 

My dock is made of pressure treated wood but here are many other building options too. There is a ramp from the dock to the shore so you can keep your feet dry when you go out on the dock. In the winter I remove the ramp so that the ice in the lake doesn't damage it. So much dock information, but now to talk about my grandchildren and how much they love it. 

In the story The Case at High Lake the characters are on or around the dock in chapters 2, 3, 4, 7 and 8. It plays a big role in this cottage based mystery. How often the dock appears in the book is a good indication of its importance in cottage life. 

From sun up to sun down there is always activity on the dock. Fishing for sunfish and baby bass seems to be the best thing ever. 

Can you find the clues in The Case at High Lake where the dock is mentioned in all of these chapters? 

What activities are the detectives doing on the dock? Can you list 5? Next week I'll list 1 but you need to find the others. 

We will be continuing our dock talk by discussing the magic of dock time.  Reach out with your answers, I'll be looking for them.  

Answer from last weeks quiz question: Her Hat

Heather Hill Burford
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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Where do I get my ideas from?

 Where did I get the idea to write The High Lake Detective series you ask.

This picture from my reading at my book launch on March 24, 2024, was taken at the Gibson Centre in Alliston. The picture says it all. The sense of wonder and love my grand children show me every day was the basis of the book series. I have the pleasure of spending a lot of time at the cottage with my family. The cottage is a place where we get to swim, search for frogs, kayak and so much more. Bonfires at night and smore's happen regularly. It is through these wonderful experiences and my love of mysteries (not scary ones though), that helped launch the idea. 

A few children's book writing courses also helped instil a love of writing. I am awed by the magic of words in a book that inspire children to read. Books can help create a sense of wonder and anticipation with young readers. 

What is the dock at the cottage like you ask. Thats the topic for the next blog, tune in next week. 

Answer to last weeks word search: Stuffed animals

Did you get it?

This weeks challenge: What kept falling off of gramma and into the lake? Chapter 1 again. Also answer is found in the last 2 pages of chapter 1. Happy solving 

Heather Hill Burford

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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Family fun and excitement at the launch of The Case at High Lake


The Gibson Centre was full of excitement at my book launch on March 24, 2024. There was a huge turnout with family, friends, and neighbours attending. The launch was a great opportunity to celebrate the first book in my High Lake Detectives series titled The Case at High Lake. 

 I was present to sign books and speak with everyone about my journey to becoming published. I was asked about the publishing process and where my ideas came from (I'll cover that topic in my next blog). I discussed the great experience I had going through the publishing process with Friesen Press to help me along the way. So many things I didn't know before this journey began. The publishing process takes about 10 months from start to holding my book in my hand. There were edits, and more edits, and did I mention editsπŸ˜‚. 

I also drew and painted all of the images in the book which was a fantastic experience. Thank goodness I attend a great art class at the Gibson Centre. Also, a background in art helped me here. 

The process of all the time and work going through the publishing process, and support from everyone along the way, helped make my book a success. 

My grandchildren sat on my lap while I read an excerpt. They were so glued to the story that when I finished reading they asked me to go on. The hush in the room indicates to me that everyone enjoyed being read to. It may be a fallback to being a child themselves and the joy of being read to. 

Thank you everyone for your continued support. Your presence at the launch means so much to me. 

Question to ponder: How many people do you think attended?

Word scramble from the last 2 pages in chapter 1.

What did Ellie run to grab:    eutfsfd mlasain

Answers will be in the next blog. See you next week

Heather Hill Burford

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  Post June 12, 2024 Did everyone find the answer to last weeks question? I hope so. The answer is Chapter 7. Spending time finding wood and...